I am playing every single Game Boy and Game Boy Color game released, in alphabetical order. Then I am writing about it. Inspired by http://www.arcadechampion.co.uk/

Why, just...why?

Short answer: because I found out the emulator I was using would take screenshots, and I thought it was cool.

Long answer: The Game Boy was the first piece of electronics that I legitimately owned. Specifically, it was a reddish Game Boy Color and it was mine, alllll mine. I played Pokemon and all the regular stuff, but I also played weird games like Super Burai Fighter. I spent so much time with that little guy, it was practically my best friend.

When I got my PSP in 2013 the first thing I did was hack it and put a bunch of weird emulators on it. From there, I discovered that the entire Game Boy library would fit on the memory card, which still sort of astounds me. I also noticed that my emulator would take screenshots at the press of a button. I started playing Lufia and taking screenshots of all of the typos, which is way too fun. After that, it just sorta occurred to me that I could do this with any game I wanted to. The idea of playing 2000+ games in alphabetical order seemed hilarious to me, so...I started writing.

For more of my stuff, including my music, other writing, and games that I've made, check out my home page on the intertubes.

My Setup

In the beginning, I used a hacked PSP 3000 with the Master Boy emulator. The Master Boy emulator natively takes .png screenshots whenever I hit a shortcut button, which is just...amazing.

However, I stopped having to ride the bus so much, so as of August 2015, I'm using Visual Boy Advance Merged. It's a great emulator that supports 7z archives, which is also helpful.

I'm also using ScreenToGif to capture the animated GIFs on entries after August '15. (Previously I was assembling them manually out of frantically captured screenshots.) I then blow all of the images up to twice the size using Irfanview, to preserve perfect pixel....parity?

The whole site is hosted on Blogger, and the screenshots are on, uh, Google + or whatever. If you want to see all the raw screenshots, check 'em out here. I always upload all of the screenshots I took, but I rarely use more than 30% of them, so there are a lot of extra shots in there. Maybe I'll do something cool with them some day.

More Stuff

I helped to inspire a neat website called Gazette Galore! by Kirk Israel, also known as Snapman. He's going through all of his huge collection of Gazette magazines and playing all the games that came on the included disks. It's great.

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